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Education is becoming digital, whether you like it or not. If you fail to reach your users online you will lose them to your competitors. When it comes to Online Education one of the foremost needs which your user might have is accessing your services and features online, having online resources, connecting with their peers online and other digital educational needs. Meeting these requirements will determine your position in the industry. uLektz ensures your place in the industry by providing the best in class Web Application Development service in the market.

A Cornerstone Web App that ensures your Institution’s Online Presence.

The main aim of the eLearning Web App is to cater to the digital educational needs of your users. Keeping this in mind, our diverse team of Software Developers, System Architects and Project Managers have provided world-class web applications for Institutions and Corporates alike that answered real-time requirements like

We have helped numerous education Institutions, Training Institutions, and Corporates in developing their own custom-made Online Academy that has

  • Customised LMS

  • Customised ERP

  • E-Commerce Platform for Publishing

  • Digital Marketplace for Online Skill course providers

Our Services

With more than 10+ years of expertise in the field of education and eLearning App Development Industry, our company ensures the smart and smooth continuity of knowledge, through a host of bespoken Web App development services like

  • Social Learning Apps

  • Online Learning Apps

  • Soft-skill development Web Apps

  • Language-Specific Website Applications

  • Webinar Apps

  • E-Library mobility solutions for Resource Sharing

  • Teachers Training Web Application

Why do I need uLektz Web Application Development Services?

Our strong work history is a testimony to providing smart, progressive and productive Web Application Solutions. Some of the exciting features which distinguish us from the crowd are

Dynamic Web Apps that offer various eLearning services which facilitate the “SFH- Study from Home” culture.

  • Cloud-based Web Apps need no pre-installed Software or domain to host them.

  • AI-based Web app for eLearning which employs the latest on-demand web technologies like python, MySql, Angular, Java, Node JS etc.

  • Easy to use Web Apps that offer seamless interoperability options with existing LMS solutions.

  • Out of the box online connectivity solution which promotes better student-teacher interactions.

  • Digital library platform for eResources.

  • Availability of a slew of personalisation options to choose from.

  • Delivery of effective content in preferred formats and standards.

Industries we cater

Through our end-to-end Web Application service, we have created customized Web Apps for

  • Corporates

  • Colleges/Universities

  • Publishers

  • Ed-Tech Companies

  • Ministries and Government Bodies of Education

The uLektz Advantage

  • AI-Based Web Apps

  • Fast-loading Web Apps developed through latest Web technologies

  • Apps that are easy, smart and secure to use.

  • Apps with smooth interoperability features

  • Apps that bring together all your educational, academic and administrative tasks under one platform.

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