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Build a Linkedin-like private network exclusively for your members.

Promote your association, grow your community, deliver value-added services to your members and manage memberships

Engage Members

Connect and engage with your members, facilitate networking, drive collaboration and empower members.

Deliver Exclusive Benefits

Offer your members with access to exclusive content, online courses, events and members-only resource and services.

Manage Memberships

Maintain digital records of your members, manage memberships and collect membership subscriptions online.

Deliver exclusive and members-only resources and services

Stay connected with your members and facilitate your members to connect with each other for social and professional networking and access members-only resources and services

Promote Association
uLektz Promote Association

Implement cloud-based networking and community platform with white-labelled mobile app under your association brand.

Members Digital Records
uLektz Members Digital Records

Manage the digital records and online profiles of all your members and their membership details.

Stay Connected
uLektz Stay Connected

Drive collaboration & stay connect with all the members of your association through messages, notifications & broadcasts.

Members Engagement
uLektz Members Engagement

Facilitate your members to connect and engage with each other to share information, ideas, experiences, etc.

Knowledge Base
uLektz Knowledge Base

Provide a digital file repository of knowledge base for your members to access the learning resources related to your association.

Learning and Development
uLektz Learning and Development

Provide online certification courses to your members for skilling, re-skilling, upskilling and cross-skilling.

Events Management
uLektz Events Management

Organize and conduct various professional, social and fun related events for your members to register and attend.

Career Advancement
uLektz Career Advancement

Facilitate your members with career advancement opportunities through networking and references.

Membership Management
uLektz Membership Management

Send automated reminders to your members for membership fee payments and collect the fee online.

Know how uLektz helps Academic Institutions

uLektz helps colleges and universities to build their own networking platform to facilitate academia-industry connect and ensure every student has the opportunity to succeed.