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Over 150+ institutions have trusted us to set up their academic business incubators. With our expert guidance, you will also be able to set up one for your institution.


uLektz Academic Business Incubator

The uLektz academic business incubators are specially designed programs to help young start-ups innovate and grow. We provide consultancy to create workspaces, mentorship, education, and access to investors for start-ups.

Why a university requires business incubators?

Business incubators created with the help of the university work very closely with the host institutes and establish new forums for idea exchange on campus and initiate strategic partnerships between academia and industry.

Incubators connect students to successful start-ups, seasoned investors, and several other collaborators they might not otherwise encounter.

Business incubators at universities and colleges provide a community, resources, and the physical environment essential to fostering entrepreneurial exploration.

Depending on the stated purpose and mission, incubators may offer co-working or maker spaces, conference rooms, labs, cafes, concierge services, and mentoring staff.

Steps for Academic Business Incubator setup

  • 1

    Market research

  • 2

    Identifying team &
    service providers

  • 3

    Allocation of resources

  • 4

    Establishing interlinks with industries

  • 5

    Making programs

  • 6

    To manage start-ups

uLektz business incubation setup

We provide a social networking platform for alumni and industry connect.

We help educational programs in the field of activating the innovation and entrepreneurship of students by providing a networking platform.

We also facilitate employment offers and organize internships for students through cooperation with companies and institutions that employ or provide opportunities to students.

uLektz academic business incubation setup helps institutions to set up expert advisory and mentoring, thorough financial advisory and funding, and Infrastructural support.