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Help Students Achieve Academic Distinction To Professionl Excellence

uLektz aims to connect students, educators and all other stakeholders of higher education worldwide to share knowledge,
experiences and expertise so as to improve the quality of education and prepare students for global competition even in the remotest, inaccessible and underprivileged sections of the society.

Why Students Love uLektz?

“I’m able to connect with expert faculties not just within my college, but also from other institutions for learning support, advice and guidance.”
- - - - - - - - “Instead of signing up with different portals and using multiple apps, I get to access all the required resources for education, skills, internships and jobs using single app from anywhere, anytime and even without internet connectivity.”

Why Educators Love uLektz?

“I share my experience and expertise with my fellow educators, and establish a trusted network of contacts within education industry.”
- - - - - - - - “Many students and sometime even teachers from different colleges contact me for my lecture notes and advice. I feel very much happy to get these opportunities.”

Why Institutions Love uLektz?

“We implemented eLearning with a large digital library of ebooks and videos for our institution in just 2 days. Best part is, we don’t need to worry about purchasing, installing or maintaining any hardware or software. Everything is taken care by uLektz team including the technical support to our students and staff.”
- - - - - - - - “Not just the resources for learning and teaching, we get to offer a wide range of resources and services for education, skills and careers to our students and faculty members through our own college branded mobile app instead of directing them to different third-party websites and portals.”

uLektz Suite Of Apps

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Social Learning Platform

Helps students and educators connect, share and learn.

360 Degree

Personalised Dashboard

360° guidance and resources for academics, skills, career, etc.

Personal Dashboard

Learning & Campus Management

Helps institutions stay ahead of education transformation challenges.



Dr.A.Haiter Lenin, M.E.,Ph.D.,

Professor and Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, PET Engineering College

uLektz app is useful to engineering students to prepare for their exams. The Simplified learning materials with videos is easy to learn for our students. Along with objective type questions, descriptive type questions may be added which would be useful for the students to face the university examinations.


A.Subanth Williams

Asst.Professor Dept. Of EEE, PET Engineering College

Availability of reading materials off line through Ulektz app is of great benefit to students. After the test is taken, scores are instantly given and the right answers are also provided for the wrong answers marked by the students. This will benefit the students to understand, where they went wrong and what the right answer was.


Mrs. R. Kalai Selvi

Asst. Professor Dept. Of EEE, PET Engineering College

Ulektz assessments are beneficial to students to understand their preparedness for exams. It also helps the teachers to know the preparedness of students for their exams.