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Academic Content Writing Services

Imagine having your syllabus developed by a team of qualified and experienced subject matter experts in the Industry?

With uLektz Academic Content writing services, you can create customised, on-demand, high quality and well-researched learning and teaching material for your institution.

The thirst for knowledge is on an all-time high! Are your reference resources matching this rising need?

Your learners will always search for future-ready resources. As an institution that caters to the needs of your learners, it becomes your responsibility to furnish the latest resources to your learners. However, in the current disruptive industry space, keeping up with the fresh trends for learning materials can be quite taxing. We understand this critical need and have hashed out a state-of-the-art Academic Content Writing package that could give you an edge over your competitors

An Academic Content Writing Service that scores!

With the uLektz Academic Content writing service, you can create an interesting consortium of resources from sources like

  • Research Papers and Findings

  • Scientific data and thesis

  • Current Industry Data and Statistics

  • Modern Discoveries

  • Whitepapers and Industry Reports, enabling your resource as the go-to source for reference.

Wait! How that works

Like any other digital service out there it starts with you. Our client representative will have the initial discussion with your institution and collect the basic information which we need to give us our initial proposal.

This proposal includes recommendations from 100+ scholars, researchers and industry experts from the preferred domain. If this initial pitch matches your expectations it will be forwarded to our in-house subject matter experts and content writers. If not, our client representatives will mediate the appropriate steps till we meet your expectations.

Our subject matter experts and content writers will collect all the necessary data from the sources suggested in the initial proposal. From this data, articulate, well-researched and high-quality content will be created. The first draft of this content will be forwarded to our designers

Our designers having 10+ years of expertise in the Academic Content Curation field have a fluid understanding of learner’s psychology. With this intuitive experience, our designers will design your content to its finest perfection to create premier content which your learners will readily consume.

We will share this final draft with you to get your feedback and accordingly your inputs will be reflected on the final draft. This draft is then packaged into a compact digital resource in the form of PDF or ePub packaging which you can forward to either your print partner or distribute amongst your learners as a digital resource.


Our Academic Content Writing Service stands a class apart because of our

  • 100% unique academic writing service which is plagiarism-free

  • Free consultation with in-house subject matter experts and content writers

  • Cost-effective Academic Content writing service.

Give us a call to get your hands on the latest on-demand Academic Resource!

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