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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Delivery Platform Development

Your Online Courses deserves the best platforms

With uLektz MOOC course development solutions you can deliver exciting Online Courses through a world-class MOOC platform that is inspired, developed and monitored by top-notch eLearning Experts.

Don't just Provide Courses, Provide a Learning Experience

There is never a shortage of information when it comes to Digital Learning. The Internet is filled with videos, resources, articles and other learning content. However, you stand a class apart when you provide an experience in Learning through courses that are recent, relevant and informative. With uLektz MOOC development solutions you can rule the world of Online Learning through courses that promise Blended Learning Objectives and deliver Immersive Learning Outcomes.

Right from the stage of Planning and Research till the Deployment and Delivery Stage our experts have you covered through stellar Solutions like

Structured and Thought Leadership Content

With the uLektz MOOC development Solution, you can showcase your Thought Leadership status in the Industry by imparting courses which

  • Provides Quality Learning through structured and latest content

  • Enhances Self-paced learning through insightful content delivery

  • Maximises the Course Completion Rate through an interesting and engaging syllabus

Superior Assessment Capabilities

uLektz offers Digitally Verifiable Certificates that offers higher credibility through well-planned quality assessment routines. Our Online Remote Proctoring Assessment features delivers

  • Safe and Standard Login Credentials

  • Capture Learner’s Activities through Webcam during the assessment

  • Verifies Student’s Identity through eProctored Photographs

  • Can Approve or Reject Certification

Industry Approved Learning Experience

Through the uLektz MOOC platform, you can deliver an Immersive Learning Experience through which your Learners can Learn More. Through our White-labelled MOOC Platforms, your learners will have

  • A Better Understanding of Course Objectives

  • Better Implementation of Course Objectives in Practical Scenarios

  • An Opportunity to Upskill or Re Skill, to become Career Ready Experts

Easy to use Cloud Features

Our MOOC platforms are easy to use and support all formats of Content Material that your Learners prefer. We deliver an Online Academy in which you can

  • Seamlessly Create and Upload Course Content

  • Inspire, Engage and Monitor the performance of your Learners through Data backed Insights

  • Connect and create networks with your Learners through fast communication features

  • Offer Cloud-based Course Platform that is easy to use and requires no installation

  • Flexible pricing models that offer Secure Gateways, Renewal Capabilities and Subscription-based Pricing Models

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