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Harness the latest Digital technologies to ensure Teaching Outcomes by Maximising the Learning Outcomes

These days Education is online and disruptive. Your education system should emulate the digital innovativeness existing and current trends. The traditional educational system won't work anymore. It's time to adapt to the latest Learning and Teaching System which engages students and promotes a new way of digital learning.

Learning and Teaching solutions for the New Norm.

With uLektz SMAC based Learning and Teaching Solutions, inspire a new way of learning that Instills passion and confidence in your learners and enables sustainable growth all around.

SMAC down your education goals with uLektz SMAC eLearning solutions

With digital native learners Training Institutes, Universities, Corporates and Government Agencies are searching for the right mix of technology to garner learner’s attention. Simply investing in trending technologies will not ensure that all learners are on par with futuristic and industry adaptable education. You need to use SMAC, the convergence of four critical domains in technology, as the driving force for your Learning and Teaching Solutions.

S- Social Learning

The younger generations prefer Social eLearning as part of their dynamic digital education curriculum. Through uLektz’s turnkey Learning Solutions, you can accelerate your institution’s success by employing exciting Social Learning features which

  • Facilitates Community based learning Objectives

  • Encourages Study from home culture

  • Inspires Highly Interactive Educational Environments

M- Mobile Learning

The current generation learners prefer Study from Anywhere culture. They prefer their Learning path through the mobile devices they use. With uLektz’s bespoke Learning and Teaching Solutions, you can promote BYOD Bring Your Own Device culture through Mobility features like

  • Easily Accessible Mobile eLearning Platforms

  • Online/Offline White-labelled native eLearning Mobile Apps

  • Secure SCORM compliant Mobile Apps enabled with latest LMS features.

  • Online Digital Resources Collection

A- Analytics

Data is the most powerful tool through which you can inform, inspire, engage and create opportunities for your learners as part of their Learning path. With uLektz’s real-time insights you can track

  • Quality of your training content and its real-time performance

  • Understand Learner’s need and provide dynamic content accordingly

  • Monitoring the success rates of your course outcomes

  • Enhancing the quality of the syllabus according to the Learner’s needs

C- Cloud

Though the market is filled with numerous Learning technologies, services and solutions, there are only certain new-age providers who cater to your needs most innovatively and cost-effectively. uLektz’s cloud-based Learning and Teaching Solution offers you the most efficient services that deliver

  • Customisable and Scalable solution under your Institution’s banner

  • Lower Initial Investment Costs

  • Enhanced Data privacy and security.

  • Best-class Accessibility, Interoperability and Performance

  • Faster Deployment and Round-the-Clock technical support

  • Easy Maintenance and Upgradation

Your Institution and your Learners deserve an Exceptional Learning and Teaching Experience.

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