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Leading the way in the Educational eBook and ePub Solutions

Right from understanding your Digital Library and Content requirements to Publishing your eBooks and Distributing the same via White-Labelled eBook Reader Apps- uLektz Solutions is your trusted partner in providing turnkey eBook Solutions.

With our end-to-end eBook Solutions you can

  • Create Rich Latest Content for your audience.

  • Provide Seamless Distribution across any device, any platform anytime.

  • Create your Whitelabelled eBook Store and Digital Library for your users.

Provide eBooks that your users love, through a platform you love.

Most major eBook publishers in the market prefer our eBook eCommerce system as it offers them a definitive advantage with many power-packed features.

An Exclusive Branded Mobile App

Create your company-branded mobile app with an ebook reader and promote your brand. With this Branded Mobile App, your users can purchase books on one device and can download them across all the devices they have.

Powerful and Fail-safe DRM for Piracy Protection

Encrypt your ebooks with AES 128-bit and protect them from shady piracy and illegal distribution

Not just an eBook but an Interactive eBook

Our uLektz eBook solutions allow your reader a richer reading experience like support for the right to left reading; dynamic image resizing without loss in clarity, interactive quizzes, better rendering of multimedia links, and large improvements in support for the latest assistive technologies.

Reach more users through easily accessible eBook Reader Apps.

uLektz eBook solutions provide you with a digital app that is easily accessible packed with reader-friendly features like Easy Search, Bookmarking and Highlighting, Notes etc. The App can be used across various mobile devices, platforms and supports a wide range of screen readers.

One eBook Reader App, Infinite Possibilities for Publishers

An award-winning ebook publishing solution uLektz aims to create interactive multimedia-rich & mobile-friendly digital content and an easy to use, digital-first eBook Reader for your readers to consume this content. Our cloud-based technology Solution provides secure ways to publish and distribute eBooks on all mobile platforms and devices with powerful features like

  • Exclusive White-labelled platforms for eBook Publishing and Distribution

  • Safe DRM features for piracy protection

  • Secured Accounts for you and your readers with safe Login/Logout features

  • Provides an immersive reading experience through the latest ePub formats. PDF support is also available

  • Easy to use Search features for your Digital Library

  • Offline Reading Capabilities

  • Bookmarks features with Notes and Highlighting features

  • Interactive Page scroll features with Page turn Animations

Interested in Digitising your Academic Publication Goals with a set of Promising eBook Solutions? Give us a call.