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Online Courseware Development

Channelling Digital-First eLearning Solution through powerful and custom-made Online Course Development Services

uLektz Courseware Development Services help Institutions, Corporates and Enterprises to build customised courses based on individual needs. Our next-gen Courseware development services are built by focusing on micro-learning modules that are inspired by SWAYAM and are SCORM compliant.

uLektz’s full-service custom courseware development can help Institutions to build their own Online Academy and MOOCs as part of a digital eLearning venture. Online Courses created by uLektz reflect a level of artistic appeal which seamlessly matches your budget with industry trends and learner’s needs.

Skill courses created by skilled professionals

The current need is to provide relevant content and resources for upskilling the future generation through an integrated digital curriculum. This Digital Curriculum should be meaningful, practical and effective and shouldn't rely on hefty budgets for its creation, development and distribution. And that’s where uLektz’s Course Development Services can help you with your Online Course Creation qualms.

We have helped numerous education Institutions, Training Institutions, and Corporates in developing their own custom-made Online Academy that has

  • Off-the-shelf Course Library which focuses on upskilling and reskilling your students or industrial professionals through interactive modules

  • Videos for micro-learning and practical demos, which can be consumed on any device in a small amount of time.

  • Game-based learning options to promote a competitive social learning culture.

  • Easily integrate with existing or new Learning Management Systems.

Our Process

Phase 1: Understanding your goals and needs

We understand that the requirements and expectations vary from one individual to another, from one course to another and from one college to another college. To ensure that no stones are unturned when it comes to our client’s needs, we assign one dedicated Project Manager to understand client requirements like

  • Learning Objectives

  • Learning Outcomes

  • Course Objective

  • Syllabus and Orientations

  • Learning Duration

  • Assessment

  • Media Design, Deployment and Deliverables

  • Certification

All our Project Managers have proven expertise in the field of Online Course design and deployment and would recommend the best practice accordingly if you fall short on the industry requirements. After this initial discussion, the goals for your Online Academy will be shared with our team as well as the client.

Phase 2: Creating Course Content that aligns with your Learning Needs

Based on the goals discussed in the previous step, our Content Team will work on the Content Creation part of the process. However if you have your content which you want us to use, we can accommodate the same, after checking its quality and credibility factors. For the same purpose, we also accept innovative yet unconventional content from sources like lecture notes, student notes and curriculum notes etc to create simple, customised and engaging courses for your students. After collating the entire Content mix which we might need for the course, our Academic Experts will analyse the content for Learning and Training gaps to prepare the final content draft for your Course/s. The final draft will have the necessary modules that deliver your Course Objectives in a precise and seamless way.

Phase 3: Designing your Course with an Outstanding Instructional Model and Strategy

Once the finalised Content Draft is created our Instructional Designer and Content Creators will work on it to create a media-rich custom designed Online Academy. The finalised Content Draft is shared with our Graphic designers and Storyboard artists who then will create appropriate proofs-of-concept for each module of the course. This proof of concept is then shared with our Expert Instructional Design who will then create a final draft for our Media Production team. The media production team is responsible for creating Media Collaterals for your Online Academy. These Media Collaterals include the finalised copy of- Study materials, Teaching materials, Videos, Image and Additional Resources for your Online Academy

Phase 4: Deploying and Delivering your Online Academy.

With the technology being more driven across all verticals, we understand how important it is for your users to access your Online Academy anytime, anywhere. Our programmers are here to ensure the same. Our programmers will upload the finalised Media Collaterals through Online Mediums that

  • Are easy to use and ensures less data consumption

  • Are easily accessible by your users through their preferred device of choice.

  • Promotes Peer-Interactions, Student-Teacher Interactions and Student Administrator

  • Are safe to use and ensures Data Privacy and Protection

Keeping these objectives in mind our End Programmers deploy and deliver your Online Academy according to Industry Standards and commonly used medium like Mobile App and Web App. These final deliverables will undergo a series of in-depth quality, content and language tests to ensure the highest level of credibility for your Online Academy.

Phase 5: Client Feedback and Online Academy Launch

We will deliver the beta version of the final product to our clients to receive client feedback. Once the client feedback has been implemented we will launch your own White-labelled brand new Online Academy

Interested in creating your Own White-labelled Online Academy? Give us a call for a free consultation.

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