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Mobile Application Development

Stand out from your Competitors with a Unique eLearning Mobile App

Smartphones or mobile devices that can connect to the internet are the most prevalent type of media devices which your users prefer. Almost 90% of your learners prefer mobile devices over other media devices like Laptops, Systems etc because of the mobility and connectivity it offers. Imagine reaching out to your users through the device they prefer? That will enable you as the most preferred Institution for eLearning. Get the best Mobile eLearning SaaS-based Mobile App for your Institutions with uLektz

Create your Mobile eLearning App with uLektz

Education-based apps are replacing the norm of the Education Industry. Hence through Education Apps Institutions have tremendous opportunities to serve a varied range of educational activities in the most exciting way possible. To help Educational Institutions and Corporates around the world in leveraging mobile technology, uLektz provides top-notch enterprise-level mobility solutions for the Higher Education Industry.

Our Services- The uLektz Edge

Our mobility services are designed and delivered in a way that ensures the best possible connectivity, seamless operability and attractive and consumable media elements. You can use our mobility solutions across learners of all age groups, catering to the needs of playgroup students to the needs of corporate learners.

The Hybrid Revolution

uLektz understands that the mobile world is divided into its android and IoS players. So our solutions are developed using the latest flutter technology thereby ensuring that your Mobile App is not restricted by real-time OS issues.

A Boon for Academicians

Our mobile apps can easily be plugged into any existing or new LMS, ERP CMS solutions. This way the education-related tasks like administrative tasks, faculty-based tasks, students classes etc are accessed through smart mobile apps making the job of academicians as easy and seamless as possible.

One App for all your eLearning Needs

Our Mobile Apps are designed according to the learner’s needs. Hence features like Digital E-Library solutions, Education Management Solutions and Efficient Content Management solutions ensure your institution’s place not only in their mobile phones but also in their hearts.

Unique Features of uLektz Mobility Solutions

Your user’s real-time requirements are our real-time deliverables. Through our Mobile Apps, we offer

  • Effective Content Management

  • Easy to consume Course Materials

  • Efficient and Easy Administrative features and Maintenance

  • Seamless and Secured App Administration and Maintenance.

  • Interactive Social Learning Platforms through White labelled mobile apps

  • Safe transactions through secured login for learners, faculties, and management.

  • Digital e-Resource for Real-time Knowledge Sharing

  • On-demand Training and Skills platform

  • Easy creation, maintenance and distribution of course materials.

  • Online Exams with remote proctoring.

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