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eLearning Content Developement

For your Dynamic Curriculum needs, you need a Dynamic Content Development Team

The current curriculum is no longer a static one which you update periodically. Industries are becoming more disruptive as we speak. For your learners to become industry-ready you need to equip them with the live and trending academic content that helps them in their professional journey.

More than printed books you need a series of eLearning Content like short courses, 2 min-lecture videos, practice quizzes, practical guides and other digital media resources. To create such content you have to match the pulse of the industry with the needs of your learners through a team of dedicated academic experts so that when a trend hits a market people can approach you for quality learning.

But, stop! Why do you need uLektz

But, stop! Why do you need uLektz if you have access to an amazing and talented pool of professors, lecturers and academic experts for your eLearning Content needs?

The new-age learners are consuming content as a form of a holistic experience rather than a media which is understood. You need current statistics, new data-backed inputs, practical solutions and real-life examples to attract the attention of digital-native learners. With the expert array of faculties, you can tap into, you can create content that is current and trending but you only have access to the expertise present in your institution. What about when you are planning to expand to futuristic domains?

You need a dedicated team that can tap into various domains as per your requirements and create enhanced and digital rich content with interactive and engaging elements like audio, video, animation simulation etc to grab the attention of your learners. And that is where uLektz can assist you through its affordable and contemporary eLearning Content Development Services

As part of our comprehensive solution, we offer you

  • Skilled Subject Matter Experts

  • Experienced Instructional Designers

  • Proficient Multimedia developers and Graphic Designers

  • Expert Programmers and Content Creators

  • Creative Storyboard artists and designers

So how does it work?

Once you have opted for our services, our project managers will arrange a meeting with one of our Content Editors.

Step 1- Requirement Analysis

Once the Editor understands your curriculum requirements, a customised plan based on your needs and requirements will be shared with you for your approval. This plan will have the required content mix, the content formats, quality standards that need to be met, the delivery format and the level of enhancements that your curriculum needs including but not limited to trending videos, infographics, short guides, eBooks, how-to videos and other interesting content mixes. Once the client approves, the eLearning Content Development project takes off.

Step 2- Input from Subject Matter Experts

Your plan will be shared with the respective in-house subject matter experts who will work on your curriculum to create the respective teaching and learning materials.

Step 3- Discussion with Instructional Designer and Storyboard Artists

This finalised content, which includes both the knowledge bank and respective recommendations from our in-house subject matter experts is then shared with our Experienced Instructional Designers and Storyboard artists. These experts will ensure the visual and design appeal of your content is maintained over all forms of video, image and text-based content. The draft is then shared with our Multimedia Experts.

Step 4- Multimedia Design and Deployment

We have a multidisciplinary team of over 600 highly skilled and experienced eLearning Specialists, Content Creators and Multimedia Experts to design and deploy the media assets of your eLearning Content according to the existing industry standards. Our team is adept to understand the psychology of your learners and the media assets are created based on this intuitive knowledge. After which the eLearning media assets are shared with the Quality Check team.

Step 5- Quality check and release

The next step is the quality check. Our Editorial team of numerous internal and external subject matter experts will check the final draft for plagiarism errors, grammatical errors and factual inaccuracy. This way you get high-quality, well-researched academic content for your institution.

uLektz has robust data security and protection policy per Information Security and Management Systems - ISO 27001:2005. To provide our clients with high-quality services, we adhere to Quality Management Systems - ISO 9001:2008. The final draft now undergoes industry-grade digital packaging formats like SCORM, TIN-CAN API, ePub3 formats to enable enhanced digital distribution.


  • Access to the best breed of multimedia technology

  • Interactive, engaging and high-quality e-content design and deployment

  • Sound instructional design principles and pedagogy

  • 3D Modelling / Thin 3D / Web 3D Techniques

  • Compliant with international e-learning standards such as SCORM, AICC, etc.

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