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uLektz directly works with many technical educational institutions worldwide to help them stay ahead of education transformation challenges. While providing cutting-edge technologies and engaging learning materials for the over-all improvement of educational processes, uLektz partners with organizations and institutions that are committed to the development of technical education and technical skills.

As a partner/alliance of uLektz, you will:

  • Enjoy the opportunity to offer your service to wider network of colleges, universities, faculties and students.
  • Get the platform to augment your organization’s brand and reach more audience
  • Attend and co-host exclusive events on uLektz and education technology
  • Share synergies and leverage mutual strengths to complement each other’s offerings to increase market share.

To join uLektz Alliances Program, you must be:

  • An organization (Institution / NGO / Society / Trust / Company) that is committed to enhancing education.
  • Providing technologies, educational content or consulting services promote quality in technical education
  • Offering training programmes for technical teachers
  • Promoting innovations, research and development, new technologies and instructional pedagogies for improving Academic performance.
  • Offering technical skill development programmes for students
To apply,