DUO-Belgium/Flanders Scholarship 2019

Post Graduation

A scholarship worth INR 62588

What is DUO-Belgium/Flanders Scholarship 2019?

DUO-Belgium/Flanders Fellowship Programme established in 2011 had an aim of promoting exchanges of students between Belgium/Flanders and 4 other Asian countries namely- China, India, South Korea, and Vietnam on a permanent and balanced basis. Thus, the DUO-Belgium/Flanders Scholarship 2019 invites applications from two students who will be exchanged in the framework of a cooperative project. The scholarship provides them with the opportunity to win up to EUR 800 per month.


Who is offering this scholarship?

The scholarship is being offered by ASEM-DUO. It aims at promoting a balanced increase of student, teacher and professor contact and exchanges between Asia and Europe by contributing to setup regular-basis exchange programs between Asian and European tertiary institutions and establish a deeper understanding between the two regions.


Who can apply for this scholarship?

The following applicants are eligible for the scholarship:

  • Bachelor's applicants currently enrolled in universities or university colleges in Flanders or one of the four Asian countries
  • Master's applicants currently enrolled in universities or university colleges in Flanders or one of the four Asian countries 

Note: The four countries include China, India, South Korea, and Vietnam.


What are the benefits?

The selected scholars will receive the following benefits: 

  • EUR 650 per month (with a maximum of EUR 2600) for Flemish students and EUR 800 per month (with a maximum of EUR 3200) for Asian students
  • EUR 1100 for both the Flemish student and the Asian student as travel cost
  • An extra EUR 200 per month (with a maximum of EUR 800) will be awarded to Flemish students that belong to the groups mentioned below in higher education: 
  • Students who are entitled to a Flemish study grant
  • Students with a disability, recognized by VAPH
  • Working students in a work programme

Note: A Flemish student is defined as a student from any nationality, subscribed in a Flemish Higher Education Institution.


How can you apply?

Follow the steps to apply: 

Step 1: Click here and find the name of the home institution to get an ID.

Step 2: Create an ID to apply for the scholarship program. 

Step 3: Fill the application form with the relevant details and upload on the portal.

Step 4: Upload the required documents on the portal.

Step 5: Submit the application and wait for the confirmation mail from the Secretariat which the applicant will receive within 3 days after the submission of the completed application.

Note: If the applicant doesn't get a confirmation mail, they are free to contact the admin by sending a mail at  admin2@asemduo.org promptly.


What are the documents required for the DUO-Belgium/Flanders Scholarship 2019?

The following documents are required to be attached along with the application: 

  • MOU agreement between the home and the host institution
  • Copies of passport of both the students 
  • Transcripts of both the students
  • A motivation letter of both the students  
  • A recommendation letter (not mandatory)


What are the selection criteria?

  • A Flemish Selection Committee, comprising Flemish experts and if possible, representatives from Asian countries, will make the selection after the application deadline. The decision will be announced by May 2019.
  • Project proposals for the exchange of students in all disciplines will be accepted. However, priority shall be given to the following disciplines: 
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
  • Political and social sciences
  • Economy
  • Communication Sciences
  • The selection will be based on the following criteria: 
  • Priority field of study (5 points)
  • The quality of the learning or training agreement (10 points)
  • Institutional criteria for submitting the student (15 points)
  • The applicant’s study results in the transcript of records (30 points)
  • The quality of the applicant’s motivation (30 points)
  • The reasons for recommending the applicant in the recommendation letter (not mandatory [10 points])
  • At least 25% of all fellowships will be awarded to students from low socio-economic background (only applicable for the Flemish students).

Note: The notification will be displayed on the official website and the Secretariat will directly notify contact persons/awardees in writing. Hard copies of notification and Letter of Acceptance will be forwarded to both home and host institutions.


Terms and Conditions

  • At least 25% of all scholarships will be awarded to the students with low socio-economic background (Applicable for Flemish students only). 
  • All applicants should maintain their “student status” from the time of application until the end of their exchange period.
  • The final selected students will hear a decision by May 2019.
  • The notification will be displayed on the website and the Secretariat will directly notify Contact Persons/Awardees in writing.
  • The applicant should write his/her complete application (including documents/annexes) in English.
  • If this exchange project has any other source of finance, please specify. Any private loan or family support is not applicable to this category.
  • The acknowledgment on the receipt of submission will be sent to the contact person in the Flemish home institution by e-mail within 3 days after submission.


Contact details

Gwanghwamun KPO Box 603,

Seoul, Korea, 03187Phone: +82-2-720-6712

Email: admin2@asemduo.org



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Up to INR 62588


Post Graduation



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