Universities must make students job ready: GTD

February 04, 2019

MYSURU: Higher education minister GT Devegowda inaugurated the career hub at the University of Mysore (UoM) on Sunday. 


Speaking on the occasion, the minister called upon the UoM authorities to develop the career hub as the best career guidance and skill development training centre in the entire state. It must become a model to other universities, he said. The career hub has been set up at an estimated cost of Rs 60 crore through grants under Rastriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA).


The higher education minister stated that the universities must make students job ready as unemployment is the biggest challenge of today’s world. “All students should be placed at the time of graduation and postgraduation. The university authorities must strive hard towards this,” he said.

“The concept of higher education is changing. We need to make digital advancement to prepare our students for the new age challenges,” Devegowda added. He called upon students to utilise the available facilities for better career prospects.


Chief guest MP Pratap Simha stated that the ‘anti-Modi’ academic atmosphere in the university must change. “A few university professors haven’t achieved anything in their career except using the campus to talk against Prime Minister Modi,” he said.


Pratap Simha also urged the university staff to follow the latest trends of the digital world. “The traditional courses are becoming irrelevant. Artificial intelligence is ruling us,” he said.


“The University syllabus is still outdated. We need to update it according to the need of the hour,” he said.


Vice-chancellor G Hemanta Kumar stated that the newly inaugurated career hub will be utilised to help students to improve their skills, career guidance and for the training purposes. Chamaraja MLA L Nagendra, registrar R Rajanna and others were present. 


Courtesy: TOI

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