The Things Conference India

February 19, 2019

The Things Conference India is an excellent opportunity to explore and learn how LoRaWAN is enabling Smart Cities & IoT applications at scale, by breaking crucial, on-ground limitations.

  • 2-day power-packed experience with insightful talks, engaging workshops, intriguing challenges
  • Witness global happenings in the IoT & Smart City Space at the Experience Zone
  • ‘Ask me Anything!’ An exclusive, personalized Q/A session with an amazing line of speakers
  • Equip yourself with advanced topics like Multicast, threat modelling, IoT security, advanced sensor systems, ultra low-power node design, deployment challenges, etc.

“By early 2019, 80 million LoRa enabled nodes and 200,000  LoRa based gateways will be deployed worldwide”  – Semtech

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