Indian education system should undergo change, recommends CNR Rao

September 14, 2018

Eminent scientist and Bharat Ratna recipient CNR Rao recently said that steps should be taken to ensure proper infrastructure in rural schools and it's time to fix country's education system.

Rao, who was conferred with honorary Doctor of Science (DSc) degree by Presidency University at a convocation ceremony, called for urgent measures to address the woes of students, who do not have resources to pursue higher education despite scoring well in exams.

Confusion about career choices:

Talking about the absence of an adequate number of teachers, Rao said, "Millions of students do not know what career to pursue in the absence of adequate number of teachers and proper infrastructure in schools. It is necessary to fix our education system."

"This nonsensical examination system takes us nowhere. It only adds to the agony of young minds. That needs to be changed," he maintained.

The scientist also pitched for strengthening the foundation of our country with scientific education.

"India can become a world leader through scientific researches. In fact, the country should take a lead in scientific studies with mission-oriented programmes," he added.

Further, commenting on the role of teachers in shaping young minds, Rao said they should not just "transmit knowledge but disseminate truth."

79th doctorate bestowed on Rao:

Speaking about his honour, the eminent scientist said the 79th doctorate bestowed on him by a hallowed institution.

Referring to Bengal as a "renaissance state", which produced world-renowned scientists like J C Bose and Meghnad Saha, Rao said, "I am really honoured by this doctorate since it came from an esteemed university like Presidency.

Veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee, who received D Litt at Tuesday's convocation ceremony, said he felt privileged to have received a degree from the premiere university.

"I have received honorary degrees from eight universities so far, but my feelings today can only be likened with what I had experienced after getting Desikottam from Visva Bharati," Rao said in a recent PTI report.

About Desikottam:

Desikottam is the highest honour conferred by Visva Bharati on distinguished individuals. The convocation ceremony of Presidency University was shifted from the university campus to Nandan complex, the cultural hub of the city, this year in the wake of an agitation by a section of students over hostel accommodation.

Article Courtesy: India Today

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