IIT Kharagpur to open India's first Genomics laboratory

August 07, 2018

IIT Kharagpur (IIT-KGP) is before long going to begin a first of its kind genomics research laboratory for its understudies from all branches. 

The essential target of the research laboratory will be to educate the fundamental methods of life sciences to the second year understudies. It will incorporate microscopy-based perception, protein structure and capacity, sub-atomic science, and bioinformatics. 

Under the mentorship of resources from Biotechnology, Bioscience, Chemistry, Medical Science and Technology and Computer Science and Engineering, from third year onwards, understudies will be permitted to design and execute explores by their own. 

The lab and its gear for investigating in cell and sub-atomic science, organic chemistry, sequencing office, microscopy office, and so on will be accessible for the understudies for 24×7. 

There is a couple of comparable sort of research laboratory abroad, yet in India, it is first of its kind said Sudip K Ghosh of the Biotechnology Department will's identity heading this lab. 

It has relied upon that notwithstanding the lab, IIT-KGP may work together with Tata Medical to advance interdisciplinary medicinal research.

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