How to succeed by setting goals?

March 28, 2019

Each and every young individual on this earth dreams to be successful one day. The rush, competitions at workplace/ during education life, the rat race daily indicates the thrust of the common people for ‘success'. All of them want to reach a particular destination. The meaning of success, however, differs from person to person. If several studies to be believed, often success driven people are highly driven by goals. On searching, one will find a number of articles written on the ways to be successful, but what really matters is the ‘goal setting' which is known as the founding stone for success. In this article, we will highlight and justify the reason as to why Setting goals are the secret to success.


1. There are generally two types of dreams – daydreaming and a dream watched with open eyes. While people seldom keep a track of the daydreaming, in the dreams which are seen with open eyes, the people are motivated enough to chase those dreams. Dreams when translates into reality, people achieve success. And the first step to fulfilling such dreams is of course- goal setting.


2. Confidence is said to be the secret sauce of all successful people. If an individual has a distinct plan of the goals that they are going to fulfill, confidence naturally gets instilled in them. Rather being in a confused state, they are instilled with ample self-confidence and zeal to act upon their set goals.


3. While setting goals people often start with the big goals, goals that may be spanning several years into the future. To translate your big goal into a manageable plan you need to break the goal down though. Breaking down your goal into smaller sub-goals or objectives makes goal setting more manageable, and this is an important strategy in how to set goals the right way.


4. So often, when we are all pumped up and inspired to accomplish big goals, we forget about the daily small actions we must take to reach closer to our goals. Reaching your goals is the result of your habits. So, instead of shooting for the definite goal, shoot for micro-habits and set the criteria for success tiny.


5. Sometimes, you don't know what you really want when you set a goal. You may set a goal to lose the extra pounds and start running. But later, as you train your body more often, you may start enjoying strength training. So, don't hesitate to change the direction of your goals or actions. Life is a discovery process.


6. Goal-setting is much like planting a tree. Like a tree needs good nourishment and daily care to grow productively, your goals must also need to be nurtured on a daily basis. You must put in your focus and effort into the task. This is why it's so important to manage your energy on purpose so you can give your best when it's time to take the action.


Also, don't rely on results to feel happy. Many times, it takes longer to reach your goals than expected. Slow progress is better than no progress. It's crucial that when you are looking to yourself to establish what you want, that you choose goals the process of achieving which will push you and help you to grow regardless of what you achieve. It's all about learning and moving forward.


Courtesy: The Higher Education Review


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