Faculty can't seek full time course while educating: Madras HC

August 21, 2018

"The college/foundation and the acknowledgement experts must guarantee that no educator/teacher is allowed to do the full-time course without acquiring earlier consent from the University/College," the Court said 

Belittling the act of an educator or teacher seeking after a full-time course while all the while functioning as an employee, the Madras High Court has clarified that it can't be allowed without earlier authorization from the college or school concerned ."The college/organization and the acknowledgement experts must guarantee that no instructor/teacher is allowed to do the full-time course without acquiring earlier consent from the University/College. 

"Something else, that will give a wrong flag and that for comfort, the understudy might be approached to be a Professor to show the quality and the foundation may get the endorsement/ acknowledgement from AICTE and all the while enable them to contemplate full-time course. This training is deplored," the court said Justice S Vaidyanathan expressed this in his ongoing request while maintaining the choice of the Controller of Examinations, who invalidated all exams in which a lady employee of S A Polytechnic College showed up. 

Solicitor P Shanmughavalli presented that she got affirmation for a two-year Mechanical Engineering course in Anna University for the 2014-16 scholastic year and got utilized as a speaker in the College, amid which she connected for leave to show up for four-semester examinations. She was alleviated from the post by in 2015 and issued a show cause see for charged infringement of principles in light of the fact that she was functioning as a showing workforce on a full-time premise while in the meantime seeking after the course. 

The applicant, in her answer, said she needed to take the semester examinations. The Controller of Examinations in an April 2017 request invalidated every one of the examinations taken by the applicant. 

Shanmughavalli at that point moved the High Court, which expelled her appeal, taking note of that she had joined the course in 2014 and connected for leave amidst the course. Considerably from there on, with no endorse/authorization, she proceeded with the course, the court said. 

In addition, she has sought after the full-time M.E. course while at the same time filling in as a full-time personnel member, which the significant principles of Anna University don't allow and was not substantial in the eye of the law, the court said. The degree, if any got, is void, the judge said and guided the solicitor to re-do the course once more.

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