Chetan Bhagat’s new book ‘India Postive’ to be released in May talks about education and jobs in India

March 29, 2019

Best-selling author Chetan Bhagat on Wednesday announced the launch of his new non-fiction book “India Positive”, which comprises essays examining a gamut of subjects such as education, employment, Goods and Services Tax (GST), corruption and casteism.


Published by Westland Publications, Bhagat’s latest English title will be released in May. The new book also consists of tweets that highlight and touch upon the current issues that need focus today.


In the book’s blurb, the “2 States” author has asked questions such as “does it make any difference to the ordinary citizen which party is in power? Whether it’s a majority or a coalition?”


Bhagat further said: “What can we do to better job prospects for India’s youth? How can we create a more equal society? What can we do about social media warriors and trolls?”


Bhagat also argued that if the country was to shine, we needed to stand up and be “India Positive Citizens.”


“In a world ridden with negativity, these simply written, perceptive and solution-driven essays are a must-read for anyone invested in the present and future of India,” read the blurb.


The Mumbai-based author’s last book, “The Girl in Room 105”, was released in 2018. It was also announced in a Facebook LIVE on Bhagat’s official page.


Sharing his viewpoints on “India Positive”, Bhagat said: “I believe my country has more good things than bad. I have to focus on what is more important, i.e., capturing the diminishing interest of the youth in politics by attempting to provide a simple take on the political issues and arguments in the country.


“This book covers each and everything that has happened in the past year, be it employment, corruption or the systems of the economy. The aim is, by reading this book, one will never be ill-informed about India’s issues.”


He also shared the book’s cover on social media, which shows a group of smiling children with the tricolour. “India Positive” can be pre-ordered online from Amazon.


Courtesy: hindustan times


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