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Career as a Content Writer

Career as a Content Writer

June 04, 2019

Becoming a content writer can be a rewarding and enjoyable career path for a person who is a creative thinker and can write well. Content writing involves writing copy for websites, blogs, social media, whitepapers, eBooks and many other platforms


In this article we can discuss about the scope of content writing and skills required to become a successful content writer.


Who can Become a Content Writer?


Anyone can develop a sound career in content writing. Some writers begin with a university degree in English, Journalism or Communications. Others come from a business or marketing background. In this job role, experience and a proven ability to write well is often regarded as or even more important than qualifications. If you want to become a writer, brush up your language skills and get started. Many Content Writers start off in an entry-level position within a marketing agency or an in-house marketing team within an organisation. One can also start off in a similar role, such as a Marketing or Social Media Assistant, before deciding that content writing is something that they would like to specialise in.


Skills required to become a Content Writer:


One key skill that every Content Writer needs is the ability to write in many different styles. You must be able to understand, and emulate the brand’s tone of voice and structure your writing to fit different formats. This career option is perfect for those, who know how to express their thoughts in words efficiently; especially for those, who are looking to establish their writing talent in a professional setup. You need good language skills, grammar and vocabulary. If you think you can create good content on any given random topic, then you are well suited for this job. 


Scope of content writing: Currently, content writers are highly in demand. It is slowly becoming a popular career alternative, and the writing industry is booming. If you are considering a career in web content, then you are on the right path. Following are the broad categories of the content that are frequently required by all type of business:


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1. SEO: SEO or Search Engine Optimization requires the writer to create quality content for guest posts and article directories. You have to research and place good keywords in the content for search engines like Google to index.


2. Copywriter: In this role, you may need to work as a copywriter for the advertising and marketing purpose for a manufacturer. This type of advertisings are done today mainly through online.


3. Technical writer: It includes writing user manuals and product catalogues.


4. Research writer: In this role, you may need to go to huge amount of data and information to present proper information on websites or research papers.


5. Creative writer: You will need to present the ideas in a very simple and interesting way.


6. Freelance writer: As a freelance writer, you will always have the flexibility to work at a place, and time of your choice. You need not to be physically present at a particular location to deliver great work.


Content writing is really a great field to work if you have passion, and interest in writing content irrelevant of topics. Content writers are always in demand and will continue to be the same as long as there is business, and companies hire content writers to promote their business anyway. The future scope of content writing in India is in high demand. As the E-Commerce industry is at a peak in India, taking up content writing as a career in India is great choice.




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