Advantages of Learning the Traditional Way:Univeristy Campus Life

March 29, 2019

After spending a long period of life in schools and colleges where the students are bound to stay at home, the young individuals often aspires to once in a lifetime experience to live their life on their own terms. And that becomes possible only when one gets to study their course while staying in a University campus. This is the period where the students get the opportunity to experience several life-time experiences whether it is learning to do their own things or understanding their inabilities and abilities.  A University life enables individuals to learn to get through all kind of bad and good situations. It is kind of a founding stone which will help the learners to survive in the long term.




When the students choose to stay on campus, they actually choose to enjoy all the facilities that are been instilled on campus. They can utilize the facilities such as gym, cafeterias, computer labs, incubation centers and so on, whenever they feel like. Being on campus, the students don't have to worry about utilizing the facilities in a stipulated time period.


1. Effective Learning:


As a residential campus often also occupies the faculty members in it, the students get a great scope to stay connected with the teachers 24x7. Instead of only confining the teaching-learning process inside the classroom, on campus provides the students the access to faculty members even after classes are over. Whether they need help in a project or are in need to clear any doubt, the faculty members are always accessible.


2. Social Interaction:


A residential campus accounts for being a hub which encompasses a diverse student community who are motivated towards their respective goals. Interacting with peers and teachers alike provides learning and networking opportunities that can't be attained in online or non-residential learning set up. Students are likely to eat and live together, providing a more immersive environment.


3. Professional Connections:


University is where students build their first adult networks. Students meet friends and mentors that become future contacts and colleague and get the chance to mix with inspiring academic staffs who are leading experts in their field. Moreover, the students also get to gel up with other students or faculty members who visit the university for a different purpose.


4. Realize Your Passion:


This is the time when you will get abundant of time to concentrate on your interests and passion followed by taking it to another level. After regular classes and activities, you will get ample time on the campus which you can use in skilling yourself in the filed which you always have dreamt of. Post University life, people often lost themselves amidst the race of life, responsibilities, and situations attached to adulthood.


5. Independence:


There's no better way to learn how to be independent than by being thrown in at the deep end, amongst others in the same position. Plus you can learn from each other and realize how great it is to be in control of your own life. You can learn to handle yourself in the worst situation along with facing no obligation while deciding on going for a short vacation or attend a particular event.


Thus, students have many opportunities to weave learning into their residential experiences. Whether it is for one year or more, by taking steps to integrate fully into the residential experience, students can maximize the beneficial impact of their higher education experience.


Courtesy: The Higher Education Review


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