AICTE Teachers’ Promotion Will Depend On Student’s Feedback

March 19, 2019

Two major educational reforms have been announced, which were much needed in the country.


While one of the reforms concern teachers, the other reform is targeted for young students.


AICTE: Students’ Feedback Will Impact Teachers’ Promotion


All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) has announced that from now on, teachers promotion will be directly impacted by students’ feedback received by them.


Hence, good feedback from students will mean good promotion, and a higher salary, whereas bad feedback will mean low chances of getting a promotion and no increment in salary.


Rajive Kumar, who is an Advisor with AICTE, said, “Since the students are immediate and primary stakeholders in education scenario, their take holds important and the new system gives them the due emphasis.”


This new rule by AICTE will come into force for over 10,000 AICTE-affiliated colleges and institutes, pan-India.


As per Rajive, the Board at AICTE is still evaluating the mechanism via which feedback can be given, and collected, and how it will impact the promotion – Will it be grade-wise or 5-star ratings.


Reports say that a ‘360-degree feedback scoring system’ is being devised.


AICTE comes under the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, and is the statutory body for technical education in India. This is for the first time that such an arrangement to judge and rate teachers have been devised in India.


In the US, RateMyProfessor is a widely known and respected community of teachers and students, where students give ratings for their teachers, and they can also comment about their teaching style.


Courtesy: Trak

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