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DU: Executive Council returns 4 UG courses for revision

July 22, 2019

Executive Council (EC) of Delhi University has returned undergraduate syllabus of 4 courses to the respective departments, for revision. The courses include English, History, Political Science and Sociology. Same decision was taken by DU’s Academic Council earlier after objections raised by a section of  teachers to the inclusion of certain topics in the syllabus. 


The objections include showing right-wing leaders in “poor light” in a fictional story on Gujarat riots, inclusion of Muzaffarnagar riots and lynchings, teaching Marxism and Maoism and showing Hindu gods as members of the LGBT community. The English department has already decided it will remove contentious parts from its syllabus, while the other three departments are yet to respond. The departments have the final power to make changes.


EC member Rajesh Jha said, “The syllabi of the four departments were sent back. These syllabi have to be finished by July 31, which includes completing the process from Committee of Courses, Faculty Committee and Oversight Committee. What will happen to the students of these courses within that period?”


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He, along with another EC member J L Gupta, even submitted a dissent note on the same. “From the start, we have strongly opposed the imposition of CBCS in centralised manner from the top, i.e. UGC-MHRD, usurping the AC’s and EC’s statutory jurisdiction. The teachers’ basic right to frame the syllabi was snatched away. The revision of UG courses started by your administration sidelining the statutory bodies is also following the same line, which also violates our statutes and established practices…”


They said DU’s “syllabus-making process has evolved over a century of its glorious existence and cannot be allowed to be subverted” and the revision was “extra-judicial killing of public-funded universities and colleges so the private player can thrive”


Courtesy: The Indian EXPRESS


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