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Fundamentals of Technology Management (O.U)

Fundamentals of Technology Management (O.U)

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Course Code : MBA I-Sem
University : Osmania University
Regulation : 2019
Categories : Management
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Definitions, Role and Importance, Technology Development, Implications of Technology Management,Technology Change, TLC, Diffusion and Growth of Technologies, Technological TransformationAlternatives, Technology Policy and Planning, Technology Development – Options and Strategies,Socio - Economic Planning, Production Functions and Technological Change, Macro Effects of Technology Change.


Technology Development and Acquisitions

Forecasting and Technology Innovation Chain, Role of Technology Forecasting, Approaches and Methodologies, Technology Strategy , Generations and Development.


Technology Transfer

Models Modes, Technology Search Strategy, Dimensions of Technology Transfer, Features and Routes of Technology Transfer, Technology Absorption Capabilities, Pricing of Technology Transfer Agreements, Code of Conduct for Technology Transfer , Government Initiative Technology Transfer and Absorption Process at Unit Level.


Technology absorption and Diffusion

Package and Technology Dependence, Concepts, Constraints of Technology Absorption, Technology Import in India, Government Initiative, Benefit Technology Absorption. Technology Assessment (TA) Organization and Management of Technology Assessment, Technology Evaluation. Diffusion – Major Diffusion Activates, Diffusion Strategy.


Technology Environment

Science and Technology in India, R&D, Technology Missions, Trade Policy, Education and other Policies, Linkages, Technology Support System Financing – Venture Capital, Technology Gaps and needs, Evaluation of Technology Option Rates, R & D Resource Management.

Note : Fundamentals of Technology Management (O.U), MBA I-Sem

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