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Educational ERP for Colleges
and Universities

Integrate, automate and streamline your academic and administrative processes and functions using easy-to-use cloud-based educational ERP.

Helps in Certifications and accreditations
such as NAAC, NBA, AICTE, ISO, etc.

College and University Management Software

uLektz ERP is a comprehensive Educational Enterprise Resource Planning for colleges and universities. It helps colleges and universities integrate, automate, streamline and manage their diverse resources, operations and processes more effectively and efficiently.

The centralized secured database of uLektz ERP provides granular controlled information to students, teachers, parents and administrators. The system allows all users to securely access what they need, when they need and provide easy access to the information. Its integrated structure, modules and core database engine helps avoid redundancy of data and duplication of work, thus resulting in efficient use of time, resources and cost.

Standard Modules

  • Application and Registration
  • Admission Management
  • Fee Management
  • Students Information System
  • Staff / Faculty Management
  • Departments, Courses and Class Management
  • Time-table Scheduling
  • Attendance Management
  • Students and Staff Leave Management
  • Examination Management
  • Custom Reports for ISO, NAAC, NBA, AICTE, etc.


  • Email and SMS Gateways
  • Payment Gateways
  • Biometric and/or RFID
  • User Authentication and Management

Pro Modules

  • HR & Payroll Management
  • Enquiry and Visitor Management
  • Auditorium / Hall / Lab Booking
  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Management (Purchase)
  • Fleet/Transport Management
  • Library Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Finance & Accounting


User Friendly

Simple and user-friendly User Interface. Students, faculty and administration members can use it effectively even without any training.

Institution Branded Mobile App

Cloud-based ERP

Built using latest cloud-based open source technologies. Easy to implement at lesser time and cost.

Institution Branded Mobile App

Easy Administration

Integrate and automate all the administrative and academic process and functions of the institution, and access it from anywhere anytime.

Institution Branded Mobile App
Institution Branded Mobile App


Flexible and customisable to meet the specific requirements and processes of individual college and university.

Institution Branded Mobile App

Insightful Reports

Provides easy to understand pictorial analytical reports to help certifications and accreditations such as ISO, NAAC, NBA, AICTE, etc.

Institution Branded Mobile App

Data Security and Backup

Data is secured by encrypted password and modern security tools. Backup is automatic and easily retrievable.

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