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Events and Certifications


It has been a general practice and mandatory requirement for all the colleges and universities to conduct educational events for development and betterment of students, educators and society at large. Many colleges and universities have been conducting various programmes and events such as workshops, seminars, conferences, symposium, hackathons, etc., to:

  • Enhance education, develop skills and promote research
  • Assess and recognise knowledge, skills, talents and contributions of students, educators and institutions
  • Conduct faculty development programmes
  • Facilitate academia-industry collaborations and interactions
  • Facilitate peer education across institutions
  • And much more.

To help colleges and universities conduct these programmes and events more effectively with attract more participants from academia and industry, uLektz offers its expert service through

uLektz Events is a part of portal. It helps colleges and universities organise and promote their educational events to millions of students and educators across India. It also helps them issue eCertificates to all the attendees of the events.

Certificate Verification

The certificates offered through uLektz portal can be verified by entering the Certificate Number in the below-provided certificate verification box



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