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Y. JUNCTION, Rajamahendravaram - 533103.

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Vision To emerge as an outstanding academic institution with quest for excellence in teaching, learning and research to impart, sustain and apply knowledge and skills in an interdisciplinary environment with consideration for ethical, social and ecological values to carve out professionals of integrity and character for nation building. Mission • To extend equal opportunities to learning through relevant, innovative programs and services • To provide global knowledge and skill-sets to span academia, industry and life. • To be a custodian of Indian culture and heritage • To be a catalyst for societal transformation through sustainable community extension programs • To build a generation of nationalistic, environment-conscious and globally competitive professionals with wholesome values and attitudes. Core Values The Institution is guided by Core Values of 1. Women in Development 2. Patriotism 3. Integrity 4. Inclusiveness 5. Transparency 6. Critical thinking 7. Team Work 8. Sustainability 9. Institutional Social Responsibility Program Outcomes (POs) On successful completion of Graduate & Post Graduate programme, graduating students/graduates will be able to: PO 1 Domain Expertise: • Acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills. • Make use of the knowledge in an innovative manner. • Effectively apply the knowledge and skills to address various issues. PO 2 Life-long Learning and Research: • Learn “how to learn”- Self motivated and self directed learning. • Adapt to the ever emerging demands of work place and life. • Be inquisitive and establish cause and effect relationship. • Investigate and report. PO 3 Modern equipment Usage • Use ICT effectively. • Access, retrieve and use authenticated information. • Have knowledge of software applications to analyze data. PO 4 Computing Skills and Ethics • Develop rationale and scientific thinking process. • Use technology intelligently for communication, entertainment and for the benefit of mankind. • Ensure ethical practices throughout ones endeavors for the well being of human race. PO 5 Complex problem Investigation & Solving • Predict and analyze problems. • Frame hypotheses. • Investigate and interpret empirical data. • Plan and execute action. PO 6 Perform effectively as Individuals and in Teams • Work efficiently as an individual • Cooperate, coordinate and perform effectively in diverse teams/groups. • Prioritize common interest to individual interest. PO 7 Efficient Communication & Life Skills • Express thoughts in an effective manner • Listen, understand and project views in a convincing manner • Decide appropriate media to share information • Develop skills to present significant information clearly and concisely to interested groups. PO 8 Environment and Sustainability • Understand sensibly the Environmental challenges. • Think critically on environment sustainability measures. • Propagate and follow environment friendly practices. PO 9 Societal contribution • Render service for the general good of the society. • Involve voluntarily in social development activities at Regional, National, global levels. • Have own pride in volunteering to address societal issues viz: calamities, disasters, poverty, epidemics. • Be a patriotic citizen to uphold the values of the nation PO 10 Effective Project Management • Identify the goals, objectives and components of a project and decide the appropriate time of completion. • Plan, organize and direct the endeavors of teams to achieve the set targets in time. • Be competent in identifying opportunities and develop strategies for contingencies.

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