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Promotion and Distribution Management (O.U)

Promotion and Distribution Management (O.U)

Published by SIA Publishers and Distributors (P) Ltd.

Course Code : MBA III-Sem (O.U)
University : Osmania University
Regulation : 2019
Categories : Management
Format : ico_bookPDF (DRM Protected)
Type : eBook

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Description :


Marketing Communications:

The Nature of Marketing Communications. The Integration of Marketing Communication. Integrated

Marketing Communication Planning Process. Model of Marketing Communications Decision Process.

Establishing Objectives and Budgeting for the Promotional Programme.


Developing Integrated Marketing Communications:

Creative Strategy Development. Process of Execution of Creative Strategy: Appeals, Execution Styles and

Creative Tactics. Media Planning & Strategy: Developing Media Plans & Strategies and Implementation with IMC Perspective.


Personal Selling:

Role of Personal Selling in IMC Programme. Integration of Personal Selling with Other Promotional tools.

Personal Selling Process and Approaches. Evaluating, Motivating and Controlling Sales Force Effort.


Sales Promotion and Support Media:

Sales Promotion - Objectives, Consumer and Trade Oriented Sales Promotion. Developing and Operating

Sales Promotion for Consumers & Trade: Sales Promotion Tools: Off - Shelf Offers, Price Promotions,

Premium Promotions, Prize Promotions. Coordinating Sales Promotions and Advertisement.

Support Media – Elements of Support Media and their Role.

Direct Marketing, the Internet & Interactive Marketing, Publicity and Public Relations. Monitoring, Evaluating & Controlling Promotion Programme.


Distribution Management:

Role and Functions of Channels of Distribution. Distribution Systems. Distribution Cost, Control and

Customer Service. Channel Design and Selection of Channels, Selecting Suitable Channel Partners.

Motivation and Control of Channel Members. Distribution of Services, Market Logistics & Supply Chain Management.


Note : Promotion and Distribution Management (O.U), MBA III-Sem (O.U)

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Publisher Name: SIA Publishers and Distributors (P) Ltd.

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Address:#5-1-911/5, Universal Book Mall, Putli BowliKoti, Hyderabad - 500095Telangana State, India