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Interactive eBook Development

PDF is yesterday’s Invention, Interactive ePub3/HTML5 is today’s Innovation

Modern-day readers don't prefer hard-bound books, they like digital eBooks which can provide an experience rather than a simple exchange of ideas and knowledge. They want their books to interact with them. Hence simple PDFs alone won't do the trick anymore.

You need engaging digital elements like HTML5, ePub3, CSS3 etc to make your eBooks more interesting.

You need Interactive eBook Development services to exploit the full potential of modern-day reading.

uLektz understands the current needs of your digital native readers like multimedia elements, Interactive documents, advanced layout and typography and in certain cases digital-first elements like AR and VR as part of their books. With our holistic and Interactive eBook Development service, you get more than a digital publication service. Our services include

We understand that every organization, institution, learners and instructors are unique, and so are the needs of learning and training. To meet the specific requirements of our clients, we develop customized content and provide the best-fit learning solutions that are carefully chosen and executed using appropriate instructional design methodologies. Our Custom Content Development service could be the right solution for any of your following requirement:

  • Designing Interactive and tech-friendly eBooks using HTML5/ePub3

  • Collating your digital documents and distributing them across the preferred platforms.

  • Creating modern eBooks according to trending industrial standards like IDPF

  • Custom-made eBooks that are automated. tested and validated according to the latest packaging, standards and technology.

Why do I need Interactive eBooks, why can’t I stick with traditional PDF eBooks?

Your readers are tech-savvy. They expect the same digital rich content for the books they prefer. To grab their attention you need eBooks that connect and interact with them. At uLektz we understand how difficult it is for digital publishers in enhancing the user experience for tech-savvy audiences. Our Interactive eBook service is curated for an amazing digital reading experience for your readers.

We have provided comprehensive user-centric Interactive Digital publishing service to various publishers, corporations, universities, libraries, training institutions, and learning providers.

Highlights of uLektz Interactive eBook Development Service

Through our digital eBook publishing services we :

  • Provide an ePub package creation as trending reading material for your users

  • Transform your existing eBook to Immersive media-rich Interactive eBooks

  • Provide advanced responsive layout for all your reading materials that deliver efficacious presentation of visual elements

  • Incorporate student-centric elements as part of your eBooks like- quizzes, Video Demonstration, Multimedia lesson patterns etc

  • Provide a dedicated team of education specialists to develop semantically enhanced interactive textbooks and learning content.

  • Furnish modern technology-rich features like cross-platform compatibility, multi-platform optimisation, device-friendly readability, seamless text flow and metadata incorporations etc.

Want to enhance the user experience and accessibility of your digital publication? Then give us a call today!

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