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Challenges of studying abroad

Challenges of studying abroad

April 24, 2019

As more and more Indian students are looking out for opportunities to study abroad, here we discuss the challenges they may encounter while studying abroad.


Studying abroad is a choice made by students who are prepared enough to face these challenges. Many of the Indian students who go abroad for studies face a lot of problems. It is up to the individuals to decide whether to solve these problems with ease or to complicate them.


1. Homesickness – Have you ever missed your any of your siblings or parents ever? If not, you’re going to miss them a lot. As you will be staying out of your comfort zone you will realize the worth of a family and the blessing you had at home. To stay away from home for so many days is a terrible thought, isn’t it?


2. Language BarrierClearing TOEFL, IELTS, GRE or GMAT you have proved your worth as an English speaker. There still exist challenges to match the accent of the native English speakers of US, UK, Australia. If you are going to study in Germany, France, Italy or Spain you need to learn the local language to make life easy for yourself. Otherwise, the whole point of abroad education does not hold ground.


3. Cultural Barriers – After landing in the foreign soil the most important thing you need to do is sync to the local culture. If you have an open mind towards western fashion, lifestyle, working schedules, and food then you will face no big issues. However, if you don’t then you have to develop habits that fall outside your culture radius.


4. Financial ProblemsSay you got scholarships and received funds for education, accommodation, and food. You also have traveling concession. However, no amount of money is a secure amount when studying in an international destination. Fingers crossed; at times there are chances that you will need some emergency financial supports. For this, you will have to take care of your finances with the utmost precision.


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5. Matching the Time ZoneRelating to homesickness, you will also have problems to communicate with your family members as you will not be able to call them whenever you want due to the differences in the time zones. This is one challenge which you can overcome by calling early in the morning or nights according to the IST.


6. Learning Style – In India, we are mostly familiar to a learning style that comprises of lectures. Whereas in foreign countries (western countries precisely), learning happens over workshop sessions, group discussions, seminars, role plays, and many other practical oriented processes. If you are an outgoing student that loves taking part in group discussions and role plays, it won’t be a problem for you. Introverts, stay alert! Start talking and get comfortable with public speaking. Otherwise, it could become a big problem for you.


7. Staying Focused – Foreign soil will distract you and your grades will fall if you get distracted. There are high probabilities that you will score badly if you don’t give attention to studies. Also, learning difficulties due to new teaching methodologies can hold you back.


8. Problems related to Accommodation – Likely, you are needed to adjust with your roommate if you are staying in a sharing apartment. Be open and have direct conversations regarding problems and solutions. Finding a good room is not difficult in this digital world. Use applications to easily find a suitable room for yourself. But make sure you are under a good owner. Sometimes, the owner might not listen to you if you need repairs, appliance change or anything. Avoid these types of owners by taking related information before moving in.


9. Managing Freedom – If cooking, washing, cleaning, etc. are not your cup of tea, then living independently will become hectic. Be prepared to manage your own liabilities. Learn how to cook, wash clothes, clean dishes and rooms before flying for higher education.


10. Racial Abuse – There are chances that you will face racial abuse due to cultural differences. In the past, there have been several incidences in countries such as Australia and the US where Indian students were attacked violently.


Courtesy: Higher Education Review


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