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Probability and Statistics

Probability and Statistics

Published by uLektz

Course Code : RT21012
Author : uLektz
University : JNTU Kakinada
Regulation : 2013
Categories : Civil
Format : ico_bookePUB3 (DRM Protected)
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Description :Probability and Statistics of RT21012 covers the latest syllabus prescribed by JNTU Kakinada for regulation 2013. Author: uLektz, Published by uLektz Learning Solutions Private Limited.

Note : No printed book. Only ebook. Access eBook using uLektz apps for Android, iOS and Windows Desktop PC.

Unit I Random variables and Distributions:

1.1 Introduction- Random variables

1.2 Distribution function

1.3 Discrete distributions (Review of Binomial and Poisson distributions)

1.4 Continuous distributions: Normal, Normal approximation to Binomial distribution, Gamma and Weibull distributions

Unit II Moments and Generating functions:

2.1 Introduction-Mathematical expectation and properties

2.2 Moment generating function, Moments of standard distributions (Binomial, Poisson and Normal distributions) – Properties

Unit III Sampling Theory:

3.1 Introduction - Population and samples

3.2 Sampling distribution of mean for large and small samples (with known and unknown variance)

3.3 Proportion sums and differences of means -Sampling distribution of variance -Point and interval estimators for means and proportions

Unit IV Tests of Hypothesis:

4.1 Introduction - Type I and Type II errors

4.2 Maximum error - One tail, two-tail tests

4.3 Tests concerning one mean and proportion

4.4 Two means- Proportions and their differences using Z-test, Student’s t-test - F-test and Chi -square test

4.5 ANOVA for one-way and two-way classified data

Unit V Curve fitting and Correlation:

5.1 Introduction - Fitting a straight line

5.2 Second degree curve-exponential curve-power curve by method of least squares

5.3 Simple Correlation and Regression

5.4 Rank correlation - Multiple regression

Unit VI Statistical Quality Control Methods:

6.1 Introduction - Methods for preparing control charts

6.2 Problems using x-bar, p, R charts and attribute charts