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Professional Ethics and Human Values

Professional Ethics and Human Values

Published by uLektz

Course Code : ULZ0322
Author : uLektz
University : General for All University
Regulation : 2017
Categories : Electrical & Electronics
Format : ico_bookePUB3 (DRM Protected)
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Description :Professional Ethics and Human Values of ULZ0322 covers the latest syllabus prescribed by General for All University for regulation 2017. Author: uLektz, Published by uLektz Learning Solutions Private Limited.

Note : No printed book. Only ebook. Access eBook using uLektz apps for Android, iOS and Windows Desktop PC.

UNIT I Human Values

1.1 Morals, Values and Ethics

1.2 Integrity – Work Ethics – Service Learning

1.3 Civic Virtue – Respect for others – Living Peacefully

1.4 Caring – Sharing – Honesty

1.5 Courage – Value time – Co-operation – Commitment – Empathy

1.6 Self-confidence – Spirituality- Character

UNIT II Engineering Ethics

2.1 The History of Ethics - Purposes for Engineering Ethics - Engineering Ethics

2.2 Consensus and Controversy

2.3 Professional and Professionalism –Professional Roles to be played by an Engineer

2.4 Self Interest, Customs and Religion

2.5 Uses of Ethical Theories-Professional Ethic

2.6 Types of Inquiry

2.7 Engineering and Ethics

2.8 Kohlberg’s Theory - Gilligan’s Argument - Heinz’s Dilemma

UNIT III Engineering as Social Experimentation

3.1 Comparison with Standard Experiments – Knowledge gained

3.2 Conscientiousness – Relevant Information

3.3 Learning from the Past

3.4 Engineers as Managers, Consultants and Leaders

3.5 Accountability – Role of Codes Codes and Experimental Nature of Engineering

UNIT IV Engineers’ Responsibility for Safety and Risk

4.1 Safety and Risk, Concept of Safety

4.2 Types of Risks – Voluntary v/s Involuntary Risk- Short term v/s Long term Consequences- Expected Probability- Reversible Effects- Threshold Levels for Risk- Delayed v/s Immediate Risk

4.3 Safety and the Engineer - Designing for Safety

4.4 Risk-Benefit Analysis

4.5 Accidents

UNIT V Engineers’ Responsibilities and Rights

5.1 Collegiality-Techniques for Achieving Collegiality

5.2 Two Senses of Loyalty-obligations of Loyalty-misguided Loyalty – professionalism and Loyalty

5.3 Professional Rights –Professional Responsibilities – confidential and proprietary information-Conflict of Interest-solving conflict problems

5.4 Self-interest, Customs and Religion-Ethical egoism

5.5 Collective bargaining-Confidentiality

5.6 Acceptance of Bribes/Gifts-when is a Gift and a Bribe-examples of Gifts v/s Bribes-problem solving-interests in other companies

5.7 Occupational Crimes-industrial espionage-price fixing-endangering lives

5.8 Whistle Blowing-types of whistle blowing-when should it be attempted-preventing whistle blowing.

UNIT VI Global Issues

6.1 Globalization - Cross-culture Issues

6.2 Environmental Ethics

6.3 Computer Ethics - computers as the instrument of Unethical behaviour-computers as the object of Unethical Acts-autonomous computers-computer codes of Ethics

6.4 Weapons Development

6.5 Ethics and Research - Analysing Ethical Problems in Research

6.6 Intellectual Property Rights