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Photochemistry and Spectroscopy

Photochemistry and Spectroscopy

Published by uLektz

Course Code : ULZHS0035
Author : uLektz
University : General for All University
Regulation : 2013
Categories : Engineering Chemistry
Format : ico_bookePUB3 (DRM Protected)
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Description :Photochemistry and Spectroscopy of ULZHS0035 covers the latest syllabus prescribed by General for All University for regulation 2013. Author: uLektz, Published by uLektz Learning Solutions Private Limited.

Note : No printed book. Only ebook. Access eBook using uLektz apps for Android, iOS and Windows Desktop PC.


1. Photochemistry, Laws of photochemistry

2. Atomic absorption spectroscopy, principle, instrumentation, Estimation of Nickel by Atomic absorption spectroscopy

3. Flame photometry-principles-instrumentation, Estimation of sodium ion by Flame photometry

4. Mechanism of photo physical processes and Jablonski diagram, Mechanism of fluorescence and phosphorescence and Jablonski diagram, Chemiluminescence, Photosensitizer

5. Spectroscopy-Introduction, Electromagnetic spectrum, General types of spectra, Types of Spectroscopy: Atomic spectroscopy, Molecular spectroscopy-Explanation

7. Absorption of radiation, Electronic Transition and rotational transitions

8. UV-visible, Chromophores, Effect of conjugation on chromophores

9. Colorimetry

10. Principles and application to diatomic molecules

11. IR spectroscopy

12. Quantum efficiency, Determination of quantum yield