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Linear IC’s And Applications

Linear IC’s And Applications

Published by uLektz

Course Code : 10EC46
Author : uLektz
University : Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karnataka (VTU)
Regulation : 2010
Categories : Electronics & Communication
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Description :Linear IC’s And Applications of 10EC46 covers the latest syllabus prescribed by Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karnataka (VTU) for regulation 2010. Author: uLektz, Published by uLektz Learning Solutions Private Limited.

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UNIT 1 : Operational amplifier fundamentals

1.1 Basic Op-Amp circuit, Op-Amp parameters – Input and output voltage, CMRR and PSRR, Offset voltages and currents, Input and output impedances, Slew rate and Frequency limitations

1.2 Op-Amps as DC Amplifiers, Biasing Op-Amps, Direct coupled -Voltage Followers, Non-inverting Amplifiers, Inverting amplifiers, Summing amplifiers, Difference amplifier

UNIT 2 : OP-Amps as AC amplifiers

2.1 Capacitor coupled Voltage Follower, High input impedance - Capacitor coupled Voltage Follower

2.2 Capacitor coupled Non-inverting Amplifiers, High input impedance - Capacitor coupled Non-inverting Amplifiers

2.3 Capacitor coupled Inverting amplifiers, Setting the upper cut-off frequency

2.4 Capacitor coupled Difference amplifier, Use of a single polarity power supply

UNIT 3 : OP-Amps frequency response and compensation

3.1 Circuit stability, Frequency and phase response, Frequency compensating methods, Band width, Slew rate effects, Zin Mod compensation, Circuit stability precautions

UNIT 4 : OP-Amp applications

4.1 Voltage sources, Current sources and current sinks, Current amplifiers

4.2 Instrumentation amplifier

4.3 Precision rectifiers, Limiting circuits

UNIT 5 : More applications

5.1 Clamping circuits, Peak detectors, sample and hold circuits

5.2 V to I and I to V converters, Log and antilog amplifiers, Multiplier and divider

5.3 Triangular / rectangular wave generators, Wave form generator design

5.4 Phase shift oscillator

5.5 Wein bridge oscillator

UNIT 6 : Non-linear circuit applications

6.1 Crossing detectors

6.2 Inverting Schmitt trigger circuits

6.3 Monostable & Astable multivibrator

6.4 Active Filters–First and second order Low pass & High pass filters

UNIT 7 : Voltage regulators

7.1 Introduction, Series Op-Amp regulator, IC Voltage regulators, 723 general purpose regulator, Switching regulator

UNIT 8 : Other linear IC applications

8.1 555 timer - Basic timer circuits, 555 timer used as astable and monostable multivibrator

8.2 Schmitt trigger

8.3 PLL - operating principles

8.4 Phase detector / comparator

8.5 VCO

8.6 D/A and A/ D converters – Basic DAC Techniques, AD converters