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Zoology Paper-I (OU)

Zoology Paper-I (OU)

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Course Code : B.Sc I-I (O.U)
University : Osmania University
Regulation : 2019
Categories : Arts and Science
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1.1 Protozoa

1.1.1 General characters and classification of Protozoa upto order levels with examples

1.1.2 Type study - Elphidium

1.1.3 Locomotion and Reproduction in Protozoa

1.1.4 Epidemiology of Protozoan diseases - Amoebiasis, Giardiasis, Leishmaniasis and Malaria.

1.2 Porifera

1.2.1 General characters and classification of Porifera upto order levels with examples

1.2.2 Type study - Sycon

1.2.3 Canal system in sponges and Spicules.


2.1 Cnidaria

2.1.1 General characters and classification of Cnidaria upto order levels with examples

2.1.2 Type study - Obelia

2.1.3 Polymorphism in Siphonophora

2.1.4 Corals and coral reef formation

2.2 Platyhelminthes

2.2.1 General characters

2.2.2 Classification on Platyhelminthes upto classes with examples

2.2.3 Type study - Schistosoma

2.3 Nemathelminthes

2.3.1 General characters

2.3.2 Classification of Nemathelminthes upto classes with examples

2.3.3 Type study - Dracunculus

2.3.4 Parasitic Adaptations in Helminthes


3.1 Annelida

3.1.1 General characters

3.1.2 Classification of Annelida upto classes with examples

3.1.3 Type study - Hirudinaria granulosa

3.1.4 Evolutionary significance of coelome and coelomoducts and metamerism

3.2 Arthropoda

3.2.1 General characters

3.2.2 Classification of Arthropoda upto classes with examples

3.2.3 Type study - Prawn

3.2.4 Crustacean larvae

3.2.5 Insect metamorphosis

3.2.6 Peripatus - Structure and affinities


4.1 Mollusca

4.1.1 General characters

4.1.2 Classification of Mollusca upto classes with examples

4.1.3 Type study - Pila

4.1.4 Pearl formation

4.1.5 Torsion and detorsion in gastropods

4.2 Echinodermata

4.2.1 General characters

4.2.2 Classification of Echinodermata up to classes with examples

4.2.3 Water vascular system in star fish

4.2.4 Echinoderm larvae and their significance


Note : Zoology Paper-I, B.Sc I-I (O.U)

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