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Computer Organization

Computer Organization

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Course Code : B.Sc III-V (O.U)
University : Osmania University
Regulation : 2019
Categories : Arts and Science
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Latch and Flip-flops: Introduction, Set-Reset latch, Gated latches, Edge-triggered D flip-flop, S-R flipflop, J-K flip-flop, T flip-flop, Flip-flops with additional inputs, Asynchronous sequential circuits. Register and Counters: Registers and register transfers, Shift registers, Design of binary counters,

Counter design using D flip-flops, Counter design using S-R and J-K flip-flops, Derivation of flip-flop input equations.


Sequential Circuit Design: Design Example-code converter, Design of iterative circuits, Design of sequential circuits using ROMs and PLAs, Simulation and testing of sequential circuits, Computer-Aided Design. Circuits for Arithmetic Operations: Serial adder with accumulator, Design of a binary multiplier, Design of a binary divider.

Note : Computer Organization, B.Sc III-V (O.U)

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