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Introduction to Pharmaceutical Analysis

Introduction to Pharmaceutical Analysis

Published by BSP Books

Course Code : pharmacy
Author : Hemant R. Badwaik, Shiv Shankar Shukla, D. K. Tripathi
University : General for All University
Categories : Pharmacy
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About the Book: The content of the book, Introduction to Pharmaceutical Analysis, has been prepared primarily in accordance to the syllabus prepared by the Pharmacy Council of India for B. Pharm 1st semester course. However, the content of the book is not limited to the syllabus only, it provides the information which are bare necessary to understand a particular concept but beyond the syllabus. Moreover, there are two Appendices, Appendix I and II at the end. These are equally important and need to be known. One is Test solutions and the other one is for Volumetric solutions. In fact, many students do not know the difference between these solutions that are essential for analysis. How to prepare all these solutions are mentioned there. Hence, the book would be a real helpful to all those who are associated to pharmaceutical analysis, may be during their post-graduation and during service pharmaceutical industry.

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