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An Introduction to Air Pollution

An Introduction to Air Pollution

Published by BSP Books

Course Code : Environment
Author : R. K. Trivedy, P. K. Goel
University : General for All University
Categories : Civil
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All pollution is taught at length in environmental science, engineering, life sciences, and social science courses. The syllabi of these courses are as vast and varied as the dimentions of this global problem and consequently there is ever increasing need of information on sources, effects and control of air pollution.

     The present book is an attempt in this direction and has been particularly written to fill up the visible gaps in the information required by various users in India. Having taught this subject for over two and a half decades, the authors were constantly conscious of a comprehensive book in this field.

            The book has 20 chapters and an appendix dealing extensively on history of air pollution, primary and secondary air pollutants, industrial sources of air pollution, automobiles generated air pollution, natural air pollution, the effects of air pollution on plants and man as well as on property and cultural heritage. The global effects like ozone depletion and green house effects are discussed incorporating most latest developments in the field. Air pollution meteorology is discussed in considerable detail. Subject of Air Pollution has received attention especially after supreme court directive for states to start ‘Environmental Science’ course in undergraduate colleges of all universities in India.

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